Getting Started with RStudio

Many Roads to Success! When first learning to code in R students often feel like there is exactly one way to get to a desired result. One way to load data, one way to draw a density plot, one way to run a regression—this is (emphatically) not true!

ANES Coding Problem: VCF0731

At this point, it’s well established that the ANES CDF’s codebook is not to be trusted ( I’m repeating “not to be trusted to include a second link!). Recently, I stumbled across another example of incorrect coding in the cumulative data file, this time in VCF0731 - Do you ever discuss politics with your family or friends?

ANES Headaches and Headscratchers

The American National Election Study (ANES) is one of the longest running survey datasets, stretching back to 1948—offering public opinion researchers excellent continuity over a broad base of questions. ANES data is hosted either as individual survey years, or in the “cumulative data file” (CDF), which coalesces each biennial (or quadrennial) iteration of the survey into a single dataset.